Dolce & Gabbana Crème Lipstick


One of my very first luxury lipstick is this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana Crème Lipstick in Amethyst 165. I bought it last year right when dark lips had just become trendy. I was slightly hesitant before purchasing it as I had never worn dark lips for any other occasion other than Halloween, but seeing as it was D&G and I was buying it for cheaper than the regular price (paid around $20 CAD + tax for it at Winners), I took a risk and bought it. I was so excited about it that I opened it as soon as I got out of the shop and immediately fell in love with the sleek gold bullet it comes in.



The formula of the lipstick is rich and creamy. Also, the scent is nice and not too overwhelming. The colour is extremely pigmented and perfect for keeping on trends and looking super chic for fall. The lipstick is made in Italy so you’re getting a very high quality product. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to try a dark lip, it’s a 9/10. The normal price for it is about average for most luxury lippies (retails for approximately $39 CAD) and had it been a matte formula I would have given it a 10/10.




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