Guerlain Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls

A quick look and review at Guerlain’s Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls. I’ve been lusting over these shiny little pearls for a couple of years now and now that I’ve got my hands on one, I can’t stop looking at it. Seriously, the prettiest beauty product I own!

The pearls are handcrafted by hands, and apparently only four people in the whole world know how to make them! Amazing, right? The pearls come packaged in the prettiest little tin and is full of those colourful pearls who are supposed to have an illuminating effect.


My favourite part is that the pearls are so easy to use and smell heavenly! Albeit, it might be a slightly overwhelming for those who aren’t fond of scented makeup. On the good side for those who embrace it, no need to wear perfume if you’re going to use this.

To apply it, I just used a blush brush, though it does come with its own little applicator sponge. Despite my darker skintone, I found that the subtle shimmers look natural and great. [swatches below]

Excuse my fly-away hairs, but the very subtle shimmer can only be seen on camera when zoomed in.
Gorgeous and subtle shimmer. Upon closer look, the different colours can be seen.

Despite the amazingness of it, the product doesn’t come cheap (CAD $71 at Sephora Canada and the Hudson’s Bay). Is it really worth the splurge?

For me it’s a yes! I’m a sucker for cute packaging and designer makeup. I also prefer quality over quantity, and these are handcrafted pearls made with high- end ingredients not drugstore makeup (not that I don’t love my drugstore hauls). You’re not only paying for the quality but also for the luxury!

Let me know down below what you think of those amazing pearls!


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