Anna Sui x Disney Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Collection

Sephora has just released its new Sephora x Disney Minnie Mouse Collab and everyone has been raving about how it’s utterly adorable and I couldn’t agree more. But way before it, famous designer Anna Sui had a pretty fantastic Disney Minnie Mouse collaboration as well. I managed to accidentally find one of the sets from this amazing collab a few months ago at Winners and was super happy about my find.

imageI figured since everyone is raving about the Sephora collection now would be a good time to show off this gem. Priced at CAD $24.99 (at Winners), I bought it immediately. When I got home, I googled it and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a LIMITED holiday set from 2013. There were two of them and the one I bought is the Red 01.

The set comes with a lipstick and a small eyeshadow palette packaged in a super cute tin box. The lipstick is probably my favourite due to the fact that it is in the shape of Minnie’s head.

imageThe lippie is a gorgeous red (swatches at bottom of post) with a very shiny finish. It’s super moisturizing and smells like roses! (which I find pleasant but some people might find it strong).

imageThe eyeshadow on the other hand is a bit underwhelming. It’s tiny and while the pigmentation is decent and the colours basic enough to use, it’s nothing I’d spend money on. The bow shape packaging is super cute but holds very little product.



imageIn all, I was very happy with this purchase. It’s definitely a collector’s item and considering how much I paid for it, I think it’s more than worth it. It’s definitely one of my best Winners’ fab finds!

What do you think? Did Anna Sui do a good job or is Sephora still the winner in terms of a collab with Minnie? Let me know!


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