Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette in Plum

So now that I have slightly more free time on my hands, I can finally review and talk about all the products I’ve been hoarding. One of those products is the new Kat Von D Shade + Light eye contour palette in Plum. Prior to this, I had never tried any Kat Von D makeup products but I have heard great things about her collection, so I thought I would write a quick review on it. The Kat Von D quad comes with 4 shades: a base, define, contour and highlight shade.

L-R: Base, define, contour, and highlight.

It comes packaged in a cute black and purple packaging. It also comes with a little card which has instructions for using the palette.

Eeeep love the packaging!

As for the palette itself, it has some pros and cons. For the most part, the colours are versatile and  blend-able. The base is smooth and pigmented. The other shades are not as smooth, I found that I had to build it up a couple of times to get a proper swatch for the define and highlight shades.  There was also quite a lot of fall out which I’m not sure is normal for Kat Von D palettes, but this one had a decent amount of fall out. But on the other hand, it is long lasting, the colours don’t fade easily.

Swatches appeared more grey than purple/plum on my skin.

The palette is priced at CAD $34 at Sephora Canada and for the price I believe it’s worth it since despite the fall out, it is long lasting and the overall quality of the palette is comparable to other high end brands. I’m looking forward to trying more products from KVD in the future.



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