Event Recap: Givenchy’s Art of Perfumery

As the title suggests, I was lucky enough to have the chance to attend another Givenchy event which was once again hosted by Dave Lackie a.k.a beauty editor extraordinaire and one of the nicest person on the planet. (Totally out of context but funny enough the last event I talked about was Givenchy too🙈). Check him out on davelackie.com for amazing contests and for the chance to even attend one of his events!


Onto the Art of Pefumery which was amazing from the very first step into the room at Arcadian Court. From gorgeous roses everywhere to cocktails inspired by the fragrances that were displayed to candy stations, it was simply magical.


Upon arriving, we were served cockrails inspired by the stars of the night, I tried the peach vodka cocktail inspired by Dahlia Divin and it was simply delicious. Dinner was spectacular as usual, we were served a 3 course meal prepared by Oliver and Bonacini and which was also inspired by the different fragrances that were on display. To quote Rita Turco, the PR rep. for Givenchy Fragrances “I chose the menu based on the ingredients found in the fragrances, the salad was inspired by Live Irrésistible, the main course by Gentleman Only Parisian Break and dessert depicted Dahlia Divin”. All I can say is that they were absolutely delicious, I especially enjoyed the pecan pie and surprisingly the cinnamon ice cream too!


After dinner, we listened to Dave and David Titheridge, Givenchy’s G.M talk about the history of Givenchy’s fragrances and a little bit about the art that is the creation of the beautiful perfumes we saw. One thing, I was pleasantly surprised to find out was that Audrey Hepburn had her own fragrance that was created just for her by Givenchy. How I’d love to have my own personal Givenchy perfume!


Some highlights from the event include seeing many familiar faces again as well as new ones, umm David Titheridge remembering who I AM (yes me, pretty amazing considering the amount of people he probably meets), meeting Anaïs who is from Paris (as a french speaker I adore meeting other french speakers and she was so friendly! ) and is the newest addition to the PR team for Givenchy and well being there was a highlight by itself!

At the end of the night, we went home with a gorgeous gift bag containing the new Live Irrésistible EDT and a mini Dahlia Divin!


All in all, it was a superb event and I can’t wait to attend another one again.


Many thanks to Dave, Rita, David and Anaïs for planning and hosting such an amazing event! It was so much fun ❤ Hope you all enjoyed this quick little recap!


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