Forzieri Shopping Experience

Forzieri Italia? Ring any bell? No? For me too, until a few weeks ago.

Because of the lack of reviews I could find regarding, I wanted to share my experience with them. I stumbled upon Forzieri a while back on instagram when they were running their win a $1000 shoes or bag contest. I didn’t win their contest (I wish) but part of the entrant process was to sbubscribe to their email program and because of that I kept receiving promo codes so I figured I’d check them out.

I was surprised to see that they had a lot of designer things for fairly affordable prices (even more so when using the promo codes). I had my eyes on two pieces of jewelry from Kenzo and had mentioned it to my aunt, I was pleasantly surprised when I received them both! She ordered them as a surprise early birthday gift for me as there was a promo code where you could save $125!!! (Risky move I know considering it was the first time she ordered anything from Forzieri and could have lost a significant amount of money).


The package came in two separate parcels because the necklace was on backorder for quite a long time (almost a month and a half) but luckily once it shipped, it arrived within 3 days. 3 days from Italy to Canada, I was so impressed as this was free shipping and came with a tracking number. (I didn’t track the first one, my aunt did as it was a suprise but for the second parcel she gave me the tracking number).


Both parcels came by DHL and were wrapped with extra padding in a box much bigger than you’d expect for a small parcel. When I received the first package, I was unsure what it was going to be as I wasn’t expecting any package in particular. I mean sometimes I do get blogger mail but obviously not from Italy.


I don’t have any pictures of the boxes anymore, I was a little too excited when I opened it ๐Ÿ™ˆ But everything was super cute.The jewelry came in the Kenzo signature boxes which was wrapped with a white ribbon (I took one off before taking a picture) and in the box there was an authenticity card and a little pouch containing the jewel. I also received a Kenzo paper bag as well which I found really neat and a card from Forzieri thanking me for my purchase.


The two pieces of jewelry I received are the Kenzo Solid Sterling Silver Mini Tiger Necklace and the matching bracelet. A little fact about me, I’m a HUGE animal lover and tigers are among my favourite animals so this is now my favourite piece of jewelry. It doesn’t hurt that the eyes are real diamond chips too.


I was so happy with the present and my aunt raved about their service so I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to purchase from them. I’d say before you order though check for promo codes! You might get lucky and save quite a lot.


**This is NOT a sponsored post. This is my own opinion and real experience with Forzieri. I have no affliation with Forzieri.**


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