Dior Fall 2016 Rouge Dior Lipsticks 

Dior never ceases to amaze me with their spectacular launches, and their new Rouge Dior line is nothing short of incredible. Gorgeous and bold shades in various formulas and finishes to help you look your best no matter what.

Enclosed in a chic dark blue and silver bullet with the inside of the cap painted red, the packaging couldn’t be more classy and chic. The red coloured cap is very reminiscent of Christian Louboutin’s red soles for me. Very alluring, the perfect touch for fall.

With over 40 new shades in different finishes, they have been divided into five major categories: Lengendary Reds, Passionate Corals, Pretty Pinks, Natural Nudes and Extremes. I received 5 of those new shades to try: Red Smile 080, Première 060, Miss 047 , Pretty Matte 576, and Superstitious Matte 789.

Red Smile 080: Belonging in the passionate corals category. It is shiny, smooth and bright. Moisturizing and oh so classy! It is one of the reds, bright coral, Miss Natalie Portman wears as part of the Rouge Dior campaign and it is absolutely stunning in real life as well. It’s super chic and works well even with my dark lips.

Première 060: Gorgeous nude pink colour. I absolutely love the colour but the formula is a no go, atleast for me. It is patchy, there is colour transfer and just not for my darker lips.

Miss 047: Amazing absolutely amazing lipstick. It’s a super hot and bright pink with a silky satin finish. It looks great on any skintone and is perfect for “ombre” lips.

Pretty Matte 576: Very pretty coral/nude colour, it swatched really well but on my lips not so much. I really wished the formula was different. For my dark lips, it really didn’t do justice. Like Première, it was chalky, settled into lines and there was colour transfer. So unfortunately, a no for Pretty matte for me.

Superstitious Matte 789: This matte bright and almost neon purple worked wonderfully. It didn’t feel dry unlike other matte lipsticks and was absolutely stunning, very pigmented as well. This is the ultimate purple lipstick. I can’t get enough of it.

Swatches shown in different lights:

No sunlight, L-R: Red Smile, Première, Miss, Pretty Matte, & Superstitious Matte
Direct sunlight, L-R: Red Smile, Première, Miss, Pretty Matte, & Superstitious Matte
With flash, L-R: Red Smile, Première, Miss, Pretty Matte, & Superstitious Matte

Overall, I was very happy with these lipsticks. Some colours weren’t great but some were in fact superb. It’s about choosing the right one and with their amazing selection of new colours, I’m looking forward to see which ones do work for me.

These pretty lippies are now available for sale for $43 at the Bay, Holt Renfrew, Shopper’s Drug Mart and Sephora.

Do let me know which shade is your favourite in the comments below!

Big thanks to Dior for their stunning products.

*This post features item(s) received as PR samples or for reviewing purposes but the opinions and thoughts reflected are mine and solely mine.

**This post was updated with added details.


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