Dior Holiday Collection 2016 Splendor

Dior has long mastered the art of gorgeous and intricate collections. This year’s limited edition holiday collection is an absolute gem. Appropriately named Splendor, this collection is all about a glamourous look with rich reds, pinks golden hues, fine shimmers combined with bold smokey colours as well.

Diorific Lipsticks in 560 Ravissement and 065 Golden (CAD $46)

This year’s Diorific lipstick comes in 5 signature shades, one of which can be used as a topper! I received two of these gorgeous gold bullets in the shades Ravissement and Golden. But before that, can we talk about how absolutely stunning the gold packaging is? (I’ve been lusting over them because of the packaging for years)

Onto the product itself, 560 Ravissement is a stunning neutral pink shade in a creamy matte (I find it to be more semi matte) formula. It’s a very stunning albeit non traditional colour for Christmas. It offers full coverage, a lipliner isn’t necessary and it lasts quite long as well.

As for 065 Golden, unlike the other 4 shades in this collection, is a shimmery opaque golden colour. It can be used as a sheer lipstick or as I mentioned before it can be used as a topper to add definition or some sparkles to any lipstick (I paired it with MAC’s Ruby Woo and it was absolutely stunning).

This is the first time I’ve tried a lipstick of this kind, I’ve been wanting to buy the Burberry version which came out for last year’s holiday collection but I never got to it. I’m totally impressed by this one, it’s definitely a must have for any beauty lover.

Swatches in natural light, 560 Ravissement & 065 Golden
Swatches with flash, 560 Ravissement & 065 Golden

Dior 5 Couleurs Splendor in 066 Smoky Sequins (CAD $73)

It is really not a Dior collection without the signature 5 couleurs palette. Once again Dior has revamped its classic palette with a gorgeous new look. While it is still encased in the signature navy case, the Splendor version of 5 Couleurs is embossed with an intricate sequin design which makes this collector piece even more lustworthy. It seriously made me sad to swatch it but I was happy to find that the design wasn’t compromised after swatching it!

The one I received is named 066 Smoky Sequins as it features a selection of gorgeous shades to create the perfect smokey look. It has a pearly white shade, a deep charcoal, a shimmery silver, a silver-grey around a gorgeous golden bronze shade.The shadows have the right amount of pigment, and shimmers to balance out the smokiness.The formula is buttery and blend seamlessly. It is also long lasting, lasted me a good 6+ hours!


Swatches in natural light
Swatches with flash

Dior Vernis in 899 Cosmic, 850 Splendor and  001 Nova (CAD $34)

There are 5 nail polishes in the Splendor collection and each equally stunning, especially with their bauble shaped packaging (So ready for Christmas🎄). The shades I received are Cosmic, Nova and Splendor.

899 Cosmic is a deep burgundy, almost black, shade with very fine gold shimmers. It is the dream dark colour and I can’t stop wearing it! It applies evenly and lasted me a whole week (without the application of a topcoat).

899 Cosmic

850 Splendor on the other hand is the classic Christmas red but also tinged with those gorgeous and fine golden specks. An absolutely classy colour, it has great pigmentation and coverage.

850 Splendor

But the star of this nail polish collection has got to be 001 Nova, this mirrored shards nail polish is by far the most beautiful top coat ever. The shards aren’t overwhelming or tacky. Instead, they make any manicure look luxurious, I was utterly besotted by its beauty.

001 Nova used as an accent on top of 899 Cosmic

What do you think of Splendor? I think it might be Dior’s finest 🌟

The Splendor collection is available at all Dior retailers until supplies last. Run, don’t walk! You want atleast one piece from this collection. I was throughly impressed with these products ❤

*This post features item(s) received as PR samples or for reviewing purposes but the opinions and thoughts reflected are mine and solely mine.


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