Sole Patches – Make any pair of shoes your go to 

Only a few days until the New Year and that means parties, family gatherings, and being on your feet a LOT. Add in gorgeous heels to match for very tired and sore feet. My new best friend to help with that for any events that still remain before ringing in 2017 is Sole Patches.

These cute little stick-on patches have been a life saver for the holiday season where spending long hours on your feet can be dreadful and result in not only sore feet but often callouses as well.

They offer support (especially for someone like me who can’t walk properly in heels) for anyone and any shoe, as well as help relieve soreness. You can stick them on the balls of your feet for up to 24 hours of wear or the shoe itself for more permanent solution to make any gorgeous but uncomfortable shoes the most comfortable one out there.

Each pack comes with 6 adhesive pads with medical grade adhesive so that they remain in place all day long. They are made with Poron technology which makes them antimicrobial as well as odour and moisture reppellent. They also appear and do feel more durable than other shoe inserts. I prefer to stick them in my shoes directly that way it can be used for a longer period of time.

I found them to be quite the useful little pads, especially since they are modestly priced at $9.95. I have been using a pair and they do make walking in heela for me easier. I already have a pair inserted in my heels for NYE because it’s going to be a long and bustling day where both myself and my feet need to feel their best to ring in the New Year.

For those who love their gorgeous sky high heels and stilettos but not the pain that comes with them, do yourself a favour and get a pair to make life just a tad bit sweeter.

For those interested, Sole patches can be puchased at the Sole patches website (

*This post was powered by BrandBacker who provided the Sole Patches samples for my consideration.


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