Cougar Beauty 24HR Liquid Lipstick

I was recently contacted by the Rosedon group hailing from the UK to try one of their products, I was super excited because their Cougar Beauty brand carries a ton of affordable makeup. Since I’m loving liquid lipsticks at the moment, I jumped at the chance to try one of theirs. They offer 5 bold shades in their 24HR liquid lipstick line which claims to be fast drying, non-smudging while offering full coverage and hydration. The shade I chose is called Mulberry (£6.99/ approx. CAD$12.37). It’s a nice neutral pink-mauve shade.

It comes packaged in a black and transparent standard tube with a doe foot applicator (mine was slightly bent but no biggy it still did the job perfectly!). Nothing super fancy but considering its affordable price it’s to be expected.

What truly matters to me is the formula and I was pleasantly surprised. The matte formula isn’t as drying as I expected though it wasn’t hydrating per say (my lips didn’t become flaky but it did feel slightly dry). It is suprisingly nicely pigmented and non-smudgy as promised. It goes on smoothly and isn’t patchy. The colour is absolutely stunning and quite versatile, I think it would look great on any skintone. Also, as for its staying power, it stayed quite pigmented for almost a whole afternoon even after eating and drinking (with the exception of eating greasy foods, but it still leaves behind a nice stain even afterwards).

The only “issue” I had with the lipstick was that it has a slight raspberry scent to it which I personally am not fond of (my cousin has already called dibs regadless so like clearly it’s just me). Other than that it’s a great affordable find! I’m already eyeing the red shade for a future purchase.

Cougar beauty products are available online for purchase! Check them out for great affordable makeup.

*PR sample featured but all opinions and thoughts are mine and unbiased.


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