Conair Hot Ionic Straightening Brush

Straightening brushes have been all the hype this year. I’ve seen a bunch of them all over Instagram and to be honest I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing as I have fairly thick wavy hair and these new “gadgets” don’t usually work for me. But even then I wanted to try one because they seem really convenient especially for people like me with lots of hair. So when I got the chance to try the Conair Hot Ionic Straightening Brush, I was pretty excited as it sounds like such a cool and innovative product!

A little about the brush itself. The Conair Ionic Straightening Brush, a heated ceramic paddle brush with ceramic & rubber bristles, claims to straighten hair while leaving it frizz free due to “its diamond infused ceramic combined with ionic technology”.

 The brush has three different heat settings, with the highest one heating up to 204°C. It also has a 30 second instant heat feature and a safety feature that automatically shuts it off after 60 minutes of inactivity (though it is mentioned that it should not be left unmanned and plugged in at any time). It can be purchased on or any official Conair retailers for (CAD $69.97-$89.99).

My first impressions of the brush were that it feels much lighter than I had originally thought, considering it has a motor inside I thought it would feel bulkier. I also liked how the bristles felt like a head massager (warning: the bristles themselves do get really hot so don’t press too hard), although they are slightly harder than I imagined. After using it, I found that if it was on the slimmer side, it would have been easier to handle but the larger surface covers more area. It warms up fairly quickly just as advertised and there are three heat settings, I used the highest one because I have a lot and thick hair. To be noted, there is a weird static noise but that is I believe the magnetic motor inside doing its job and nothing of concern! 

One thing I noticed is that it took me almost the same amount of time as a normal straightener to use the brush because it was only straightening one side versus both with a straighter. Those with thinner hair will definitely cut back on time but those with thick hair might take a while to finish.

Though, for the price and ease of use, the brush is great. My hair wasn’t super straight afterwards, my results looked more like a nice salon blowout and it looked very natural which I personally prefer over pin straight locks.

I also love that it comes with a little heat resistant mat to put the brush on while it’s still hot. I think that every hot tool should come with something similar. I’m looking forward to trying more innovative and affordable products from Conair in the future.

Thank you to Conair Canada and Brill Communications for the chance to try the Hot Ionic Straightening Brush!

*PR sample provided for review featured. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. 


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