Odysseo by Cavalia #OdysseoSauga

Horse lover? Art lover? Movie Lover? No matter which one you are, I can assure you Odysseo by Cavalia will blow you away. 

Odysseo by Cavalia ©

I was lucky to attend one of the showings and when I first heard about Odysseo, I knew very little about the show. The only thing I knew was that it involved horses and was a circus type act. I can honestly say it was waaaaaay more than that. It was an immersive and surreal display involving live music, amazing acrobats, gymnasts, artists, equesterians and 65 absolutely beautiful horses. 

Odysseo by Cavalia©

Fun fact: Odysseo is a Canadian production with an international cast, the horses, crew, artists, musicians, equestrians, gymnasts…they are from all over the world! 

The show took place under the White Big Top, a huge state of the art tent with jaw dropping decor inside. The decor (which reminded me of a mystical and magical forest/world) as well as the use of technology to make the show come alive was truly spectacular, I’ve truthfully never ever seen a show like this one. It was seriously two hours of wonder, I was in awed the whole time. The music and the stunts gave me chills and I felt as if  I was a little kid again attending the circus for the first time.

Odysseo by Cavalia ©

I was super lucky to receive backstage priviledges which included visiting the beautiful (and super talented) horses and their amazing groomers in the stables. As an animal lover, my excitement was over the roof. I took like a million pictures 🙈 It was extra nice because I got to ask them questions about the horses and see some of the horses in training (Hi beautiful black Canadian horsies 😍).

Look at how silky he looks 😍
Stunning art were displayed under the White Big Top

If you’re looking for something to do in the summer, check out Odysseo by Cavalia while they are still in town at the White Big Top near the Hershey Centre. The show is on until July 23rd and tickets range from CAD $39.99 – $139.99 and can be purchased on cavalia.com. Plus if you use promo code: SOCIAL, you get 15% off!!

 Don’t miss out on this magical performance! Hurry and get your tickets 😊

Some of the perfomers, including Andalouse, the beautiful white horse.

Big thank you to @Cavalia #OdysseoSauga for the free media passes. I had such an amazing time and can’t wait to attend another show.

*Complimentary tickets were provided for the show but as usual all opinions and thoughts are mine and unbiased. 

**Pictures of the performance itself were provided by Cavalia as no photography was allowed for the safety of the perfomers and the horses.


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