Dior Spring 2018 Glow Addict: Lip Glows

One of my very first high end lip products was Dior’s Lip Glow (CAD $41). I was only in middle school and I remember begging my mom to buy it for Christmas since it was “so cool mom, it is a colour changing lip balm!” Back then I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just a colour changing lip balm. Dior’s Lip Glow reacts to one’s lip to enhance the natural colour in addition to giving it a gorgeous tint. And I surely didn’t know that in the future I would carry a lip glow with me in my bag almost all the time. So one can imagine my excitement in trying Dior’s new selection of lip glows released as part of their Glow Addict collection!

L-R: Matte Raspberry, Raspberry, Ultra Pink, Holo Pink & Holo Purple

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been using testing them out and I love that now in addition to new shades, Dior’s Lip Glow which previously only came in a satin finish now comes in two new amazing ones, holographic and matte! The new shades are Holo Pink (Holographic), Holo Purple (Holographic), Matte Raspberry (Matte), Raspberry (Satin) and Ultra Pink (Satin).

Packaged in a signature pink case, with the Dior logo embossed in it. Dior’s Lip Glow has been a cult favorite since its release!

L-R: Holo Purple, Holo Pink, Ultra Pink, Raspberry & Matte Raspberry

The original satin finish is super comfortable and moisturizing. The new Raspberry and Ultra Pink shades are absolutely stunning. I thought I would like the Raspberry shade more since I thought it would be on the deeper side but I actually love the way Ultra Pink makes my lips “pop”!

As for the Holographic finish, I was a little skeptical as I am not a big fan of shimmery lips but it has the same comfortable and moisturizing feeling! And the glimmers aren’t tacky, instead it really does make your lips seem iridescent and as if they were reflecting light.

Swatches shown in natural light

As for the matte finish, it is the one I was most looking forward to! I love matte lips so I knew I had to try it! I love how pigmented Matte Raspberry is and how the matte finish feels similar to the Korean powder lipsticks/lip tint especially with its blurring effect! Though unlike the other two finishes, I found that it didn’t feel as moisturizing and that I had to reapply more frequently. Despite the fact, it’s probably the one I currently use the most!

Swatches shown using artificial light

Dior’s Lip Glows are available at all official Dior retailers and if there is one lip item to splurge on, this is might be the one!

Have you tried Dior’s Lip Glow?

*PR samples gifted by Dior featured. All thoughts and opinions featured are my own and unbiased.

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