Haircare: SureThik 3-Step System Review

Although, I have quite a lot of hair, I noticed it was shedding a lot more than usual for some time now. I do have a little bit of a dandruff problem, my scalp has been quite dry, especially due to our harsh climate so I’ve been trying a lot of different shampoos to try and fix this issue. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been testing out the SureThik 3-Step System which consists of a root penetrating sulfate free cleanser, parabens free nutrient infusion conditioner and ScalpTx+ treatment containing natural ingredients.

The SureThik 3-Step System promises fuller, thicker hair and healthier scalp as well as promotes regrowth for thinning hair. The treatment can also be used as a preventative treatment so it can be used on regular hair as well.

My experience with the SureThik’s 3-Step System was okay, no miracle hair growth here!

I found the SureThik cleanser and conditioner duo to be quite nice. I used them fairly regularly for approximately three months (at first on rotation with my regular shampoo and conditioner). And I can attest that it left my hair feeling more refreshed after each use than my regular shampoo/conditioner and left my scalp with a nice cool sensation. Also, the conditioner was quite thick and exofoliating (has a grainy feel to it versus a smooth texture) and didn’t make my hair feel greasy like most conditioners tend to do which was another major plus. My hair felt really clean after using them.

But there was one thing that ruined the experience quite a bit for me. The scent of the entire SureThik 3-Step system is really strong and quite off-putting. The shampoo and conditioner have a very strong (I would say grapefruit+ medicated scent combined) scent which wasn’t very appealing to me. The first week I tried it, I had to double wash because the scent was a little too much for me. Also, even though it made my scalp feel refreshed, it unfortunately didn’t help with my little dandruff issue. In addition, although the cooling sensation is quite nice, for those with sensitive scalps, it could be a little strong.

As for the ScalpTx+ leave in treatment which is meant to be applied on your scalp daily for atleast 90 days for best results, once again the scent was quite off-putting. This one starts off with more of a chemical scent which eventually mellows to a more botanical scent (which makes sense considering it contains botanical ingredients but it’s still a very strong scent) afterwards but I had a hard time leaving it in my hair and going on my day so I used it sparingly and not regularly. It also leaves you with a weird warm sensation (which is normal but can be quite annoying especially for those with a sensitive scalp). Since it was quite hard to use on a daily basis so I applied it more on a weekly basis/whenever I could for approximately five months in hopes that using it longer would give better results since I wasn’t using it daily. I didn’t see any noticeable difference in my hair or scalp by using it, although I do have naturally voluminous hair which makes it harder to see any results in terms of fuller hair.

Overall, while using the SureThik 3-Step System, my hair did feel cleaner and more refreshed but sadly it didn’t really help with my dandruff issue and my hair shedding. I would definitely try it again if the scent changes. Fingers crossed that the ScalpTx+ works as a preventative treatment for me if anything!

To be noted, everyone has different hair, results will differ based on the individual and how they use the products. There are also lots of factors that affect hair and causes hair loss, etc. so different solutions are sometimes required!

The SureThik 3-Step System is worth a try if you have thinning hair and can get past the scent (heck some of you might like the scent)! Though, it will set you aside about $99.95 for the kit which contains a 60 day supply (although depending on the individual, it can last longer or shorter~). Each of the product is also available individually for purchase!

*Product samples were kindly gifted. Review and opinions are mine and unbiased.

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