Hi all, welcome!

I’m Dayana, I’m a twenty something girl who lives in the Greater Toronto Area and I have a passion for all things beauty, fashion and food. I’m also an avid anime watcher, manga reader, animal lover, dreamer, and part time explorer. I also love learning about new cultures and languages! I speak two languages (English and French) and a dialect fluently. I’m learning a third language, Spanish, and I’m at an intermediate level so I can manage but I still need lots of practice and lots more learning.

Originally when I started this blog I wanted to share a little bit of everything but as time went by, I realized that I was focusing on mostly beauty and it sort of became my niche. As such my posts will be focused mostly on beauty reviews but will occasionally feature fashion, restaurant reviews and anything else I find fun and interesting!

Follow me on my journey as I spend money on all you can eat sushi restaurants, shopping trips and other adventures that life will present to me . Hope you enjoy my blog 💕

Thanks for visiting!

On a side note: I hope to transform canadian en vogue into a bilingual blog in the future (pour mes lecteurs francophones) so look forward to that!

Fun fact: The blog name canadian en vogue combines my bilingual background! canadian= eng and en vogue = french for in vogue/trendy/stylish

For any inquiries, please send me an email at canadianenvogue@gmail.com