Perfect Brows with Dior’s Diorshow Brow Styler and Brow Chalk

New Year means new brows, right? Well for me personally it means trying to improve and polish my brows. For the most part, I consider myself to be pretty lucky when it comes my eyebrows because they are fairly thick and full. 

Though unfortunately like many, during my early tween years I started threading them to fairly thin bars with high arches and they never quite grew back the same. I now have some small gaps that are taking ages to grow. I’ve been letting it grow for a good year without any professional cleanup but the process is excruciatingly slow.

So lo and behold came my saviours that I swear by, Dior cult favourite, the Diorshow Brow Styler, and new in from their Fall 2016 collection, the DiorShow Brow Chalk.

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Teeez Cosmetics Love Triangle Lipsticks & Glitter Gossip Lash and Liners

I was first introduced to the Dutch version of “MAC”, the super funky and creative brand Teeez, by beauty editor extraordinaire Dave Lackie a while ago, and I thought they were super cool, and edgy as well so I really wanted to try it! So you can imagine my joy when a few weeks back I won a set of their Glitter Gossip Lash and Liners from a Teeez Canada contest! Even better I was pleasantly suprised to receive a bonus trio of lipsticks as well.

I figured since it is a fairly new brand in the North American beauty sphere that I would do a quick little review about the products I received.

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Les Soins de Maison Jacynthe – Cosmetics and Shea Butter

Les Soins de Maison Jacynthe, founded by Canadian actress Jacynthe René, combines the best of both worlds, it is not only a Canadian brand but is all natural. Based in LaPrairie, Quebec their products are all vegan, and chemical free. Maison Jacynthe is an avid supporter of the Beauty without Bunnies campaign and their beauty line truly showcases that.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Maison Jacynthe to try a few of their products after being referred to them by Chantal from Opalframe (Check her out, she is amazing 💙). The products I picked were the Terra Cota Bronzer in 01 Matina, Lipstick in 04 Cerise, and Concealer (Anti-cernes) in 03 Vert. I was also sent their shea butter (Karité) in Vanilla.

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Sole Patches – Make any pair of shoes your go to 

Only a few days until the New Year and that means parties, family gatherings, and being on your feet a LOT. Add in gorgeous heels to match for very tired and sore feet. My new best friend to help with that for any events that still remain before ringing in 2017 is Sole Patches.

These cute little stick-on patches have been a life saver for the holiday season where spending long hours on your feet can be dreadful and result in not only sore feet but often callouses as well.

They offer support (especially for someone like me who can’t walk properly in heels) for anyone and any shoe, as well as help relieve soreness. You can stick them on the balls of your feet for up to 24 hours of wear or the shoe itself for more permanent solution to make any gorgeous but uncomfortable shoes the most comfortable one out there.

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Bite Beauty Matte Lip Crème Crayon 

Bite Beauty has been on top of my wishlist for the past year so I’m utterly excited to have been chosen to review them as part of Influenster’s latest campaign.

As part of my VoxBox, I received three of them in the shades: Red Velvet, Glacé and Cava (CAD $28 each). But before we get into what I think about them. I wanted to talk about the brand a little.
Bite Beauty is an emerging Canadian beauty brand which uses almost all natural ingredients for their lip products which range from stunning lipsticks,to lip crayons, and lip scrubs. They recently opened their lip lab in Toronto where you can make your own lipstick (totally on my wishlist) and they sometime release limited edition lipsticks to support charities (currently they have a gorgeous mauve shade  with  100% of the proceeds going towards Movember). So in all, it’s a really cool brand!

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Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick 

New in at Lancôme Paris is their innovative foundation/makeup stick. I was lucky to receive one as part of ChickAdvisor’s latest campaign and I thought I’d do a quick review!

It comes in a cute, small tube which makes it super convenient for on the go. This convenient little stick isn’t quite like other foundation sticks out there on the market though! It is a multipurpose stick. It can conceal, contour, and highlight amongst other things. Also, Lancôme specifically created a product with several shades to suit everyone’s needs and concerns.

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Dior Fall 2016 Skyline Diorblush Light and Contour

Contouring and strobing are two of the biggest trends in the fashion world that are here to stay, at least for now. They help to define one’s best angles and to illuminate the face. Dior is embracing contouring and strobing for its fall 2016 Skyline collection through the release of the Diorblush Light and Contour stick ($48CAD).

They are available in three different shades, light, medium, and dark. What I like the most about these duos and differentiates them from other contour kits is how easy and convenient they are. With one end being the highlighter and the other the contour end, application is so easy. Just rub it directly on your face or use a brush then blend and tada!

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Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder & Mister Radiant Bronzer

Just because it’s fall, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the bronze-y glow that comes with summer just yet. Givenchy has the perfect products to help you keep that glow all year round with their Les Saisons collection which is part of their Summer 2016 collection.

Givenchy’s Les Saisons collection is definitely one of the coolest launches of 2016. The products are really innovative and so aesthetically pleasing. I have two products from the collection that I think are perfect to rock a bronze-y dewy look for fall.

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Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick in RD503 Bloodstone

Japanese brand Shiseido is one of the ultimate beauty brands. I recently discovered Shiseido through my favourite beauty editor Dave Lackie. It is one of his favourite brands and I can totally understand why. It is such an innovative brand and their latest campaign really showcases that.

Their Rouge Rouge campaign is aimed at finding a red for everyone out there and there are a whole 16 of them! Unlike other reds, these ones are all red tones thus the rouge rouge portion.

As an avid fan of asian beauty, I was super excited when I finally got one of their lipstick in the #CitylineBeauty giftbag. The one I got is RD503 Bloodstone. I was totally impressed with it that I thought I needed to write a review.

The lipstick itself is a rich deep red colour with very fine shimmer. It reminded me a little of the colour a geisha would wear. Despite not being the greatest fan of shimmer in my lipstick, this one worked well and wasn’t so overwhelming. It was a very subtle shimmery effect, it blended right up in the lipstick.

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